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The presidential house, one of the most important symbols of democracy in western nations, was the focus of a recent project by Dreamcatcher, a Bogota-based arts organization, in partnership with BogotArt in Colombia.

In the words of its organizers, “aware of the need to dream of a better country, we began by dreaming of a different Casa de Nariño (Colombia’s Presidential Palace), full of art and color, truly connected with what ordinary citizens live, where the future is indeed for everyone.”

For that reason, the organization made 47 miniature replicas of the presidential house for artists to intervene, each one using their own style and perspective of the world. The result: 47 different artworks that remind us of the diversity, talent, and originality that exalt the Colombian art. Each one of these works were auctioned virtually on the BogotArt website.

Pabón raises his hand

Our very own Pabón was among the selected artists to participate in this project. The series of works titled Walls of Silence had a strong influence on what would become The Empty Chair, his creation for this activity. Deteriorated walls, sharp contrast of colors, and in general, a sense of abandonment, can be perceived at first glance.

“This work is made up of three elements that come to life in the social and political environment in Colombia. First, you see the neglect and displacement caused by violence and by what I call the "exclusionary economy". In addition, we see children in the dark waiting to see the light of survival, and finally, the leadership that we have lacked for decades takes shape in the empty chair.”