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The Local Plastic Art Fairs, FLAP 2020 by its name in Spanish, is a project to promote entrepreneurship and the generation of opportunities for artists in Bogota, Colombia. This was the first version of the FLAP, which in the face of the health emergency declared by COVID-19, had to be implemented virtually through the ARTBO platform, in partnership with the Bogotá Chamber of Commerce.


Bogota International Art Fair

For this version of the project, 41 participants were selected, 3 artistic spaces and 38 artists from 15 districts within the city, who were also part of a virtual catalog with information about their work and contact. We are extremely excited because our artists Pabón and Alba Bautista were among the selected participants, displaying some of their signature works of art.

Alba Bautista

Title: Paths of Light

Technique: Oil on canvas

Dimensions: 63 H x 71 W in.

Title: Fog in Ochers

Technique: Oil on canvas

Dimensions: 43 H x 39 W in

Title: Trails and Mountains

Technique: Oil on canvas

Dimensions: 63 H x 35 W in


Title: Plomada

Technique: Acrylic and metal on MDF

Dimensions: 59 H x 46 W x 5 D in

Title: Post-conflict

Technique: Mixed media on MDF

Dimensions: 22 H x 16 W x 3 D in

Title: Barb-wired Wall

Technique: Cement, metal and acrylic

Dimensions: 14 H x 8 W x 4 D in