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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Here are some of the most frequent questions people have asked us:

Are all the works of art original?
Yes, all the works that you find in Dot&Wall are original and unique and are delivered along with its certificate of originality, which includes the artist signature and fingerprint.
How much will the delivery cost?

Dot&Wall does not charge any additional fee for sending you the artwork, so do not worry about having to pay more.

Does Dot&Wall ship worldwide?
We deliver worldwide, just tell us where you are and we will take care of everything. Please note that the time to deliver may vary according to the destination, being faster within the United States and Europe. In any case we will promptly inform you the status of your order.
How long will the artwork take to arrive?
The lead time may vary according to destination. Normally, within the United States and Europe the average time is 10 days.
I am interested in applying for a commissioned work. Can I commission a work from a specific artist (from the D&W team) or a subject I have in mind?
Yes, you can order artworks from any of the artists who are part of the D&W team. If you like a particular style or have a specific theme in mind, do not hesitate to contact us at You can also do it through D&W Experience, clicking on Personalize your Experience. We would like you to help us in the creative process, sharing your ideas and comments with us. We will be in close contact as we move forward in the process.
Is there any additional fee for commissioning artwork?
The commissioned artworks have no additional charge. The prices are mainly determined by three factors: artist, dimensions and materials (if applicable). However, be aware that when applying for a commissioned work, you will have to pay 30% of the value of the work upfront. The payment of the remaining 70% is made after you approve the final work.
If for some reason I am not satisfied with the artwork I have just purchased, can I return it and get my money back?
Your satisfaction is our priority. Although we are very confident that you will love your new artwork, if you are not completely satisfied you can return it within 10 days after the delivery and request a refund of your money. You must keep the original packaging for the return. It is important to note that you must take care of the cost of return shipping. Please contact us if there is any question about the process and check our return policy.
If the artwork I requested does not arrive in good condition (battered, beaten, broken) what should I do?
The first thing you should do is to report the case to with your order number and attach pictures showing what happened. You’ll get back all the information for the return of the work and the refund of all your money.
Should I be registered in order to purchase a work of art?
Yes, those interested in acquiring a work of art in Dot&Wall must be properly registered. Profile creation facilitates and makes the purchase process more secure. The information you include on your record is confidential (see Privacy Policy). When logged in your profile you can purchase the artworks that awake more emotions in you, share them through different social media platforms and add them to your favorites list.
What is Visualize your Experience?
In Dot&Wall we see art in a different way and Visualize your Experience is one of the features that make us special. We want your mind to travel to those spaces you want to decorate. Through this service you can access a computer-generated pre-visualization of the artwork of your choice installed in the place that you choose. What you must do is send us a good quality photograph of where you want to install your artwork via the link “Load picture” and continue the checkout process. In two (2) business days you will receive the image that will allow you to get ahead in time and appreciate your work in your new space.
If you have additional questions that are not resolved here, do not hesitate to contact us to