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A few months ago, before the COVID-19 outbreak, a dream that we had kept for a long time finally came true, we hosted our first art exhibition in Houston, Texas. With that, months of dedication and planning came to life surpassing our highest expectations. But the exhibit was not about us, the organizers, it was about the artists, the true stars here, and moreover, the paths they have traveled to become who they are today.

The stage was set: A restored Victorian bungalow in the heart of the Arts District in Houston. Over the course of five straight days we installed more than 40 carefully-curated works of art from our five talented artists. Our goal was to share a bit of their journeys with all the visitors as they moved through the three small rooms that lead to the main gallery.

And finally, the lights went on! Over 200 guests visited us during the three nights that the exhibition was open. Wine was poured, snacks were served, and the spotlight was shared among the artists and their own work, the art they have been creating for more than 30 years.

At the end of the day, we were left with that feeling of satisfaction one gets when things are done not just with the hands but with the heart. Three nights we will never forget.

Art is a beautiful craft. It can reach us at the deepest of our emotions, inspire us to create change, reveal new understanding, and so much more. However, what is often hidden behind a piece is the path the artist has taken and the inspiration behind their craft.

If we better understood the journey of the artist, could it reveal their passion, their message? Could it change how we see their work? We think so.

No matter how or why one travels it, art is not an easy road. Every artist faces a myriad of challenges, particularly in societies that tends to punish those who think differently or those who do not fit a fixed mold. Art therefore, can manifest as a way to escape, a way to survive, express themselves, and send a message to the world.

To them – the ones who dare – we say thank you for following your passion, for breaking the mold, and for never giving up.

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