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We are a platform for artists to expand their reach beyond their local. We understand and appreciate their hard work and we are very aware how hard it is to succeed in the art world. We are here for them and because of them. We want to bring a transparency and fairness to the relationship with artists and encourage them to continue pursuing their dreams.

We also admire their work. We fell in love with it and we decided to share it with the rest of the world. It is the least we could do; such beauty needs to be known and spread all over.

We have witnessed how they work with their hands but most importantly, with their hearts and souls. Each artwork tells a different story and brings a piece of each artist with itself. It is how artists express their thoughts, their dreams, their fears. It is how they criticize what is wrong with society but also how they say “I love you”. It is the means that allows us to interact with them.

And finally, there is the connection between art and each one of us. It is a story as old as mankind. It is a dance between our senses and the canvas. An utter mystery of how our cells react in presence of different colors, shapes and symbols that convey a message. An idea captured on a canvas that has traveled probably hundreds of miles since its inception. How we decode that communication is still difficult to grasp. It involves everything that we have stored in our memory since we were little and every image we have ever dreamed about. But that is the beauty of it, every message is unique.

about art

about art

A dear artist once said:

As long as I can breathe, I’ll make art.

We could not agree more. Art is not a regular task, and being an artist is not a regular job.

Artists live and breathe art. Art runs through the course of their veins. For many artists, art is bound to their souls in a perfect amalgam. They share their stories with us through their work and we inevitably build long-lasting relationships.

Long live art and long live the creators of this magical world!