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Sometimes we just need a minute of peace and inner calmness. Here at dotandwall, we find balance in our lives through art. The colors, the nuances, and the brushstrokes help us alleviate our burdens and carry on. In some cases, even motionless artworks can look alive if we focus our gaze enough and appreciate them patiently.

With our “Finding calmness through art” series, we want to share this exercise with all art lovers out there. Just take one minute, breathe, and recharge.

In this first installment of the series, we have animated the artwork “Trails and Mountains”, by our artist Alba Bautista. Our friend, Argentina-based musician and producer, Sergio Ochoa from ‘Piso 13 Producciones’, has taken inspiration from this very artwork to create original music that will help us unwind and appreciate art in a different way.


"Music and visual art are a perfect amalgam. After observing this artwork for a while I knew exactly what I wanted to compose, I felt inspired, but most importantly, I felt peace."
Sergio Ochoa

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