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Art: Profession and Passion

How many people can actually say their profession is their passion? It’s a difficult thing to make money loving what you do. Very rare to be blessed to do both and these two Dot and Wall artists are perfect examples.

Colombian artists Alba Bautista and Mimi Caldas are different in their style of painting, yet they have the same ferocious passion for creating art. They also both happen to be mothers who found a way to sustain their families with a stroke of a brush.

Alba Bautista

Dreamer and creator of magical atmospheres

Bautista found her way into the art world through her then husband and his artistic family. He was a photographer and his siblings were painters. In the 80’s, they owned a photography studio where they took on many different journalistic projects. 

She learned fast from her partner and was soon taking amazing societal type photos. She dove head first into this medium and not only was a photographer, she developed the film in the darkroom and used a developer to print the photographs. 

By the early 90’s Bautista found herself on a new journey as a single mom of two sons. No longer part of the photography business, she had to find a way to support her family. In comes a friend with a solution – start painting and sell the art. Bautista had been exposed to all kinds of artistry from her past in-laws and this friend was willing to teach her. 

Determined and passionate, she hit the ground running. She studied with her friend in the style of collage. They were small paintings of country houses that used different materials to add a dimensional effect. For example, toothpicks might be used to depict the roof of the house.

By December 1991, Bautista had sold her first 10 pieces of art. Her passion burned brighter than these commercial type paintings. She wanted something more. She wanted to create from her heart, her soul, not just paint what was easy to sell. She began to study different styles and using different colors. 

By 1994, Baustista had her first gallery showing in Bogota, Colombia. She proudly displayed all 26 of her scenic portraits. At this time, she stayed true to her photography roots and used only sephia type hues. They must have been something to marvel at because she had a sold out show.


She has continued to evolve in her style. She uses more colors now to depict the most glorious sceneries.

When asked what art means to her, she said that art is liberating. It is when her soul feels the most free.

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Mimi Caldas

Art illusionist, enigmatic soul
Caldas was introduced to art through her husband who was an architect at the time. She admired his designs and developed a love for fine art. They began a collection that slowly awoke the artist in her. She would admire the pieces in her home and galleries they visited dreaming she could one day create such marvels.

In the 80’s, Caldas, her husband and, her brother in law started an ice cream business in Colombia. This would be her first taste (pun intended) in developing her artistic side. She used her creativity to design and implement events for the company. 

As her artistic side was developing, she began to desire more from her worklife. After about 15 years, Caldas decided it was time to retire from the family business and dedicate her time to creating art.


Like Bautista, she had a family to support as well, so she began producing commercial type art that was popular in ‘95. It was also a country/rustic style where she painted designs on old milking jugs. This paid the bills but her artistic fire wanted more.

She began her first formal art training in the late ‘90s. She moved on to painting on a canvas. Her style was still a bit commercial with paintings showing the ever popular style of fruits in bowls. As she gained more confidence in her art, she longed even more to create something original, something unique. She wanted to create fine art. 

In the early 2000 under a new art teacher, she began to focus on the human face. From there, she became more of an abstract painter with an eye for the supernova. Her use of color is explosive and bold. 

When asked what art means to her, she states that creating art fills her and calms her. Art is her life and it makes her happy. She feels lucky that her husband also became an artist and their marriage is solidified in creativity and harmony. 

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These two mothers are exceptional artists who found a way to make a living creating from their hearts and souls. Where there is passion, there is a way. 


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