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Dreamer and creator of magical atmospheres

Brief info

Alba's journey started 27 years ago when her second child was born. Art began as a means to support her kids, but soon, it became her passion. Empowered, driven, and resilient, she explored different techniques and topics throughout her art journey, but landscapes became her chosen road. One might say that Alba's work transports us to the lands where we dream to be one day. She reminds us that wonderlands exist outside a mundane life.

Her art inspires peace and hope. It immerses us into an atmosphere of tranquility where our senses reconnect with our memories.

The strength of her character is embedded in her paintings. With every glance at her creations we discover new sensations arising from the spontaneity of her brushstrokes and the warmth of the nuances. She makes us move within a symphony of color, silence and reflection, as we dive into the depths of our dreams.

The reflective spirit of humanity resides in the atmosphere