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Art illusionist, enigmatic soul

Brief info

Mimi began her course as an art collector but her spirit eventually yearned for more. An energy propelled her to become an artist herself, exploring creative textures and colors.

Mimi's approach elegantly includes remarkable elements of metallic tones and contrasting gradations. Gazing into her compositions can momentarily send us into an abyss making us lose track of time and space. As we return to the world that claims us, we might see that her creations appear to have their own persona aching to escape the canvas.

Her work is intriguing... enigmatic. She creates atmospheres laden with mist and soft shades that capture our attention.

Every time we return to her pieces, we discover new textures, brushstrokes, and depths - a capacity only of a true illusionist

In art I discovered the power of bringing to life sensations and feelings, nurturing my spirit to bring out creativity