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Rebuilding From Within

We are excited to bring the news to you! It’s confirmed: we will be hosting a new art exhibition in December 2021, and you just can’t miss it.

We will have two receptions because we understand how busy everyone is, but now you have no excuse for not joining us. The exhibition will take place on December 10th and December 18th, 2021 at The Union HTX, a restored Victorian bungalow in the heart of the Arts District in Houston, Texas.

The new exhibition, titled ‘Rebuilding from Within’ is a reflection on the roller coaster ride that we have all been part of for the last year and a half. We know it’s been tough times for all, and we’ve dealt with it in our own way. We all felt new sensations arising from what was called a new normal.

The prolonged confinement made many of us reflect upon things that we know need to change, worldwide. Forests burning, people divided, and inequity reigning. It took a global pandemic to made us realize how vulnerable we are, but also pushed us to look within to find ways to connect with each other, to stay together, and see what things really matter to us.

A constant battle against a silent enemy became a battle against ourselves, one from which many could not be victorious. However, as we constantly do, we embrace hope as our last resort. Those who stand their ground in the end recognize that the effort was worth it.

In a similar way, ‘Rebuilding from Within’ is a transition of sentiments, from doubt, pessimism, and unrest, to self-awareness, optimism and hope.


New works from our artists!

As you can imagine, we will feature new works from our five incredibly talented artists, the heart and soul of dotandwall. From left to right (above): Alba Bautista, Ramón Pinto ‘Pabón’, Mimi Caldas, Miguel Caldas, and Claudia Herrera. These works of art are a testament to vulnerability but also to resilience, that as humans we have shown in these times of turbulence.

Stay tuned on our social media (IG/Fb @dotandwall) for the most recent news!

So don’t forget:

  • Date and time: Friday December 10th from 6:00 to 9:00pm or Saturday December 18th 2021 from 3:00 to 7:00pm.
  • Location: The Union HTX, 2315 Union St, Houston, Tx, 77007.