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Expressionist, color lover & critic of society

Brief info

Pabón's journey started 40 years ago. At a young age, he abandoned computer science to follow into his older brother's footsteps. As he launched into such a new world, his talent quickly shined bright enough to guide his way. He has always been a man of few words, but his art speaks more than he ever would have imagined.

Today, "El Maestro", as his friends and students call him, paints for us a world that his artistic eyes see - one with splashes of color and flashes of light. His versatility of technique and color is simply captivating.

The colors that adhere to the canvas are an extension of his soul - running deep in sentiment yet free in motion.

After many years, his curiosity remains intact. He is highly observant and only continues to dive deeper into uncharted dimensions. For him, art is a means to create alternate worlds full of life and color.

The smallest expression brings you to the highest awareness