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Geometric abstractionist. Tireless perfectionist.

Brief info

The path of Miguel is not one he would have imagined for himself, after all, our lives cannot follow a fixed blueprint. Beginning his journey as an architect, his passion always resided in geometry. Thereafter, he pursued different endeavors before coming back to his lifelong love - geometric art. His work never goes unnoticed as he combines elegance and creativity in all his creations.

Balance is the heart of Miguel Caldas' work. A harmonious geometric sequence tinted with brushstrokes that seek perfection.

His architectural essence is transmitted in a careful and delicate manner in all his creations, stressing details that highlight the beauty of his work. Each line is executed with the same rigor with which an architect designs his work.

The shapes and colors in his artworks are full of energy. All the elements seem to come alive transforming stationary objects into dynamic pieces.

My work combines the rigor of lines and restraint, with the plasticity of color and movement