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Environmentalist and Master of spatula

Brief info

Claudia began her journey in the art world almost 30 years ago as a fine arts student in Colombia. Her personality is as special as her artworks. She radiates joy and her smile is inevitably contagious, a cure for sadness.

Her inspiration revolves around nature. Through her creations, she brings to us the different shades from the landscapes of her earliest memories. As she runs her palette knife over the canvas, she is brought back to that serene land in the middle of the countryside where she grew up. She incorporates elements such as wood or leaves into her creations, as a result of her strong bond with mother nature.

Her art is a ticket to the most forgotten, wounded parts of the world.

The textures and colors which emanate from the canvas shock us into an awareness of reality. They seep into our minds and keep us alert... awake... asking us to take action to protect the resources that we are privileged to enjoy.

I want the people who see my art to reflect on the impact we are having on the planet