Dot&Wall is the result of passion and family love mixed with the poetry of art.
Oliver, second generation of a family of artists, who grew up surrounded by different expressions of art, and Carolina -his partner in life, creative mind and art enthusiast- who fell in love with the emotions and vibrations that his family could generate though their work, shared the same dream of becoming boosters and catalysts of that unique and enigmatic connection between human beings and art.
This is why everything started: Arting places, arting lives, an expression that summarizes the existence and goal of Dot&Wall.

Art is not only a way of expression and communication; it is also a source of emotions. our deepest emotions…

Our mission is to inspire people to create environments that reflect their emotions by the connection with the artwork.
Our purpose is to let people fall in love with the vibrations created by the mixing of colors and shapes, allowing the sensations to flow by the power of this mysterious connection.

Art will always be beautiful, but when we own an original piece it is not just beautiful, it is unique

Our vision is to become the preferred channel –and source of inspiration- for art lovers who want to art their places and art their lives creating a powerful synergy.
We believe that the world is better with art.

Who says art is not the perfect gift? We’re loving this piece from artist Mimi Caldas! 🧡
Let’s rise in July, like this kite by artist Claudia Herrera! 💫
Make every day count. “Lights from the countryside” by Alba Bautista.
Raise your voice against injustice, destruction, violence! With their brushes and colors, artists want to create awareness of what we are doing as a society. That voice needs to be heard.
From the series “Walls of Silence” by Pabón.
Applying oil with a palette knife is a technique that requires enough practice and time to master. The result: a combination of colors and textures with life of their own. “Whirlwinds” by Claudia Herrera as a perfect example.