Have you ever stepped into a place and felt how your head turns towards a specific object like if there were a magnetic force pulling you? In art, we sometimes feel that effect. Whenever we walk by a piece that relates to our style, personality or taste, we are attracted towards the artwork with the same intensity as we are held to the ground thanks to gravity. Even if we are in a rush, at that particular moment, we can’t help but to turn around and pay attention to what the artwork is trying to tell us. The conversation usually goes smoothly and, in the end, we part ways but we make the commitment to meet again, sometime in the future. Hopefully.

I can’t remember what attracted me the most about Tairona, a work by the artist Miguel Caldas. Perhaps it was the combination of colors. It could have been its particular snake-like shape too. Maybe it was the combination of geometry and texture; yes! there’s texture. To be honest, I think it was a bit of everything. This normally happens to me with geometric works, but in this case, it was different, like if it had been custom made for me. And this is what happens with Tairona: it’s bold, it challenges what we are used to and yet it remains elegant. We could say this work has definitely a chic vibe, but more importantly, what do you feel?

SIDENOTE – Thinking like an interior designer

As we mentioned, these types of works are so versatile that can brighten up any place. Tairona’s shape and colors suggest a more modern environment though. Works perfectly with a “citric-colored” palette and obviously, with the classics black and white. A work like this one deserves a wall for its own and one of the cool things is that Tairona can be displayed vertically or horizontally, giving us more options. Any color of light should work it in my opinion, white or cool/cold lights highlight Tairona’s features. Do you imagine if we added a pin-spot LED light aiming towards this work? Wow.

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