Welcome Home

There are places that take us to a different state of mind. Places where we can disconnect from everything that’s outside and engage with our inner self. Places where we breathe and exhale peace. Places where we feel free.

Who doesn’t like to feel all these amazing sensations when stepping into their own place, when laying a foot in their bedroom? One of the most interesting aspects about art is that it can take us to places we dream about, with a simple glance.

And here it is. Alba Bautista’s “Welcome home” is one of those pieces that have the ability to transport us to a serene yet unknown location. The sky, in different shades of beige, melts with purple-shaded mountains that provide that calm we urgently need after a hard day of work. It balances all of our energy and reset us to a peaceful state. What is exciting about her work is that even a tranquil scenario like this one, it’s not motionless. The front vegetation seems dancing at a steady pace. It becomes hard to identify real shapes because of the motion and because colors seem to blend with each other in a harmonious way. When we pay attention closely, the mountains appear to join the dance. It’s like we can feel the breeze already wrapping us.

SIDENOTE – Thinking like an interior designer

Now, imagine we have a warm-light setup to set the mood for the land that’s coming out of the artwork. Lovely, isn’t it? What about some candles for a special occasion? Perfect! One of the advantages of warm-shaded artworks is that they combine perfectly in most of the rooms. In bedrooms for example, they match with brown-finished furniture or accessories. Ideally, a “wenge” (dark brown) environment would be the perfect complement for these types of artworks although, as we would imagine, with art there are no rules.

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