Mimi Caldas

Art illusionist, seduced by mystery

Learning to enjoy the unknown is to open ourselves to the endless wonders that the world has to offer. We find passion in what is new and personal. That is the intense feeling that is awakened in us when we navigate through the work of Mimi Caldas. Atmospheres laden with mist and soft shades plunge us into mystery. We sharpen our senses trying to decipher what is hidden under the different textures.  We move expectantly but the fog created by the artist surrounds us and shelters us. We bite our lips as a sign of complicity and let out a shy smile. Its tones surprise us when suddenly it becomes alive releasing the force that was repressed. We open our eyes again and we feel a sense of satisfaction. We are now aware that the key, to revealing the enigma proposed by the artist, lies within ourselves.

In art I discovered the power of bringing to life sensations and feelings, nurturing my spirit to bring out creativity


Kyoto (diptych)
To the East
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