Claudia Herrera

Environmentalist and Master of spatula

The essence of art reveals the sensitivity of its creator and therefore is a projection of her feelings, beliefs, political orientations and even passions. And it is here when perhaps what was unconscious comes to the surface to deliver a message for us. Claudia Herrera’s work is itself a source for reflection. It leads us to a world wounded from the damage we have done and hurt because of our eagerness for development. Its textures shock us into awareness of the reality and call us to change. The color coming out of her spatula seeps into our minds and keeps us alert, awake, making us part of that strong connection with nature as only great artists know how.

My spatula, that inner self that conveys an expressive language


A piece of my land - Landscape
Landscape of Light
Abstract Landscape II
Detail of a snowy mountain
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