Alba Bautista

Dreamer and creator of magical atmospheres

Human beings have tended to look for different ways to find themselves in an attempt to understand the unknown or in some cases, to recover what has been lost over time. And that is when we value the most, those art pieces that give us enough serenity to transport ourselves to the lands we dream to be in one day or, the lands to which we wish to return. Alba Bautista makes us believe that everything will be fine and that is what her art is all about. To admire her work is to begin a journey to a land full of hope and peace. It is to immerse oneself in an atmosphere where our senses are connected to the deepest memories that have been stored in our mind. And as we move forward on this path we discover new sensations arising from the spontaneity of her brushstrokes and the warmth of the nuances. We move under a symphony of color but also enjoy the silence. Upon arriving at our destination we recognize that even if we wanted to prolong this beautiful dream it is time to wake up and enjoy the reality.

The reflective spirit of humanity resides in the atmosphere


Marine Fragmentation
Small landscapes N°13
Small landscapes N°12
Small landscapes N°11
Small landscapes N°10
Small landscapes N°9
Small landscapes N°8
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