Ramón Pinto “Pabón”

Expressionist, color lover & critic of society

From time to time we meet people whose outstanding abilities reach a certain level of genius. In our family we have one such person whom we call “Pabón”. Through his works’ creativity, exquisiteness and universality he has been given the title of Master. The colors that adhere to the canvas act as an extension of his body. The naturalness of his touch reflects the gift that has been given to him and that has grown within him for many years. His brushstrokes are so full of freedom and beauty that is a delight to watch him play with the nuances of in such harmonious way as only he does so. Through art he expresses his emotions, his criticism of society and his dreams. It is his way to escape from reality, or perhaps create his own. He and his work are one, the perfect amalgam. Over time he has become wiser and more thoughtful but his artistic sensibility remains. His wisdom is reflected in his artwork and the fortune to enjoy it is ours.

The smallest expression brings you to the highest awareness


City Fantasy
Urban Birds N°3
Urban Birds N°2
Urban Birds N°1
Spring Forest
Modules N°2
Modules N°1
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